A way to make sure that loading is perfect every time

A way to make sure that loading is perfect every time - Cecil Bunnell

I spend my entire day driving around town picking up huge containers that need to come back to the business I own to be unloaded. The cargo is furniture and office props that need to be repaired, refurbished, repainted, or completely rebuilt. I use a big semi-truck to pick up the items, haul them back to my business where my crew works on them to make them good as new. They are miracle workers with some of the things they do.

One more than one occasion they had done one of their great restoration jobs, but the work was ruined when it was being unloaded back at the business the furniture item came from. Different heights of ramps and levels of the terrain would make unloading from my truck an adventure of sorts, and sometimes items got broken or damaged during the unloading. It was very depressing.

One place was especially bad. It was a dorm house for college students, and the furniture took a real beating there every year. I loved working with the people there, but they had the worst dock to unload my materials. It was at least 11 inches higher than the back end of my truck could reach, making getting the furniture off of my truck a very difficult task.

One day when I came to offload some beds and desks they had a little surprise for me. They had installed a truck restraint system. This not only kept my rig from moving, more importantly it had a special lift on it that would raise the truck so that the backend was level with their dock. I was totally astounded by this!

What would have been a 3-hour job to get all the furniture off took less than 90 minutes, and no one was worn out after doing so. It went quick and simple and made everyone’s day a lot more enjoyable to say the least.

These lifts are so amazing because they ensure that the position of my rig remains the same while raising the back end to the required height. My truck is not damaged or stressed in any way and the job gets done much more easily. This was a brilliant invention someone came up with that has made the cargo loading and unloading so much easier. I have recommended this to many other stops and most have added one in as well. Now work is better than ever.