Vacation’s done!

Vacation’s done! - Cecil Bunnell

After a month of vacation it is hard to get back to work. Yes, this is the first year when I get four weeks of instead of three. Benefits of being of with the same company for more than ten years. From this point of view and not only, I guess it does pay off being loyal to the company. More vacation days, increased salary, more sick days that I can take, shorter working hours, higher contribution to my ESOP, I can’t complain. 

I am not having my dream job, but I am happy doing what I’m doing. Plus I have some phenomenal colleagues at work that I won’t leave even for a higher pay-check. I am having way too much fun at work and I am learning a great deal of things from them. Thus changing jobs is not my priority list. 

Right before leaving on vacation I purchased an used SUV. I was having a long trip ahead and I needed to ensure that I won’t get stuck on the road while abroad. I parked my older car on my brother’s driveway hoping that I will sell it fast when I’d return. I took the Equinox to a mechanic, had it properly inspected and did an oil change. Throughout the trip I did two other oil changes. That’s because I have done over 11.000 km within these past four weeks. 

I was more than pleased to see that the Equinox behaved splendidly during this time. I guess it’s a keeper. When I bought it I was thinking that in case something will break down (and by that I mean the transmission) it will be difficult for me to resell it. I worried that I would be stuck with it and have no choice but have it fixed although it would have been quite costly. 

Since no such thing happened and I did far more than a test run with it, I will keep it. For a used car with 128.000 km, it performed wonders. Yes, the mileage is much higher now! I am aware that not everyone does over 10.000 km within a month!

Once I was back home, two days before starting work, I thought of taking advantage of my time off and go see myorthodontist Boisbriand. He needed to adjust my braces and I did not wish to take time from work in order to go see him.