Seeing the devil

Seeing the devil - Cecil Bunnell

For the last twenty years I managed to stay away from my ex wife. As you probably supposed by reading the previous sentence, we did not got separate in good terms. What we had was war. World war number three. It took me years to recover mentally and financially. That’s what happens when you marry the devil. 

We have been married for no more than four years. The first one was a bliss. The second year was a challenge. The third converted into a mortal combat. The fourth was supposed to be the end of it, cause that’s when you we filed the divorce. Unfortunately it did not bring the peace and serendipity I was hoping for. What I got was a pile of bills from the lawyers, frozen accounts, half of my own house which I had built using my own money and so on... Oh, I forgot to mention that I had to pay for her doctors as well. Yes, my beloved devil had the ingenuity and skills to convince the judge that I had mentally abused her and she got depressed.

Impressed by her Oscar worth performance the judge decided that I should be paying for her therapist’s bills, to teach me a lesson. Pointless to add that I was the victim and not her. If I did not know her and it would have been the first time that I would have seen her and listened to her story while she was sitting on the chair, talking to the court, selling her crafted story, I would have probably believed her.

In a nutshell, this marriage left me dried. It brought me to a point where I did not wish to get involve into any other relationship for years. Once you slept with the devil and everything went to hell, how can one start putting trust into anyone? It simply can not happen without having a bit a paranoia kicking in. 

This afternoon, I had to drop my mother for her massage therapy. Her appointment was at 4:15 P.M. but we got there a bot earlier. While I was helping my mother come out of the car, I heard a voice that made me feel chills down my spine. It was a voice I could never forget. It was my ex wife. 

Although she had put a big smile on her face and tried to act friendly, I did not buy it. I know better than this, thus I did not fall for it. I tried not to reveal too many personal information and urged my chatty mother to get to her appointment in time. I felt a huge pressure on my head the entire time she was talking to me. Actually it persisted for a half an hour more. She stressed me out.