Old age

Old age - Cecil Bunnell

On my way back from the health club Mississauga I stopped to do some groceries. I was supposed to go do it yesterday, but I did not have the time. I have been carrying the shopping list in my wallet for couple of days, hoping that I will manage to get to the market.

This morning when I opened my fridge I noted that it was almost empty. It reminded me that I had to buy lots of stuff as soon as possible, otherwise I would end up having nothing to eat at home. Usually that happens only when I return from vacation, as prior to the departure I try to finish everything that could get spoiled.

I learnt to keep couple of frozen pizzas in the freezer and some cans in the pantry for days like these. Thus, whenever the fridge would be empty, I won’t have to go out right away. I could simply throw a pizza in the oven and have a decent meal for the day.

Once I parked my car I headed towards the entry of the shop. Right before entering, I grabbed a cart from the left side and started to push it. Because I did not look at what was ahead of me, I accidentally bumped my cart into an old lady who was in front of me.

Poor her, she lost her balance and almost fell down. She was lucky to have had put her hands on her cart and grabbed on to it, otherwise she would have ended up on the floor. Imagine how awful I felt seeing that I caused pain to an old lady woman.

When she turned towards me, I barely had the courage to look her into the eyes. I apologized right away and asked her if she was okay. I wanted to ensure she was not hurt in any way, as she seemed to be very old. I guess she must have been in her eighties.

To be honest, I was surprised that she was all alone, that she did not have anyone with her. Luckily she was a very nice woman. She was very chatty. She told me that she was living alone and that her husband had passed away a few years back. They had no children, thus she had no one to help her out. I felt bad hearing that she had no family members to give her a hand. I thought that I would not like to end up all alone when I would be her age.