The Noisy Neighbours

The Noisy Neighbours - Cecil Bunnell

I love my neighbourhood; I truly do. Until about a month ago absolutely everything about it was absolutely perfect. The other residents were amazing, the streets look beautiful. I’m even in love with the Edmonton paving that so many people have used for their driveways, so much so that I ended up doing the exact same thing for mine.

All of this idyllic bliss has been absolutely shattered after my new nextdoor neighbours moved in. They are the most self-centred people that I have ever had the misfortune of meeting and they don’t seem to care even a little about how all of the noise they are making is affecting other people in the street.

If they just made noise in their home, that would be one thing. Granted I would still have to deal with it but at least it would just be a case of me shouting at them from my paving until they shut up. However, it appears that they are both a pair of car freaks and they, of course, have cars with the loudest possible engines that could ever exist. They enjoy nothing more than sitting in their cars and revving the engines as loud as they can, much to their own entertainment and everybody else’s horror.

A few of my friends and I have already confronted them about the issue, having had a wander up their paving with the intention of politely asking them if they could just try to consider the people around them. I won’t repeat the response that we got back but it essentially amounted to “Go away, it’s our house and we will do what we want.”

They have since taken to speeding around the little street in those stupid cars, tearing off their paving and flying down the street with no regard for anybody who might be out at the time. We used to be able to let our kids out to play without having to worry about anything bad happening, but now I’m scared to even let them out of the house for fear of what might end up happening to them because of these idiots.

I guess the only recourse that we have left is to call the police. I don’t want to do it myself, as I’m afraid of whatever recourse they take should they find out. So, I think the entire street needs to put up a united front and hopefully solve the problem together.