More pain

More pain - Cecil Bunnell

Last autumn I was getting worried about how much pain will I have in my hands during the upcoming winter months? Especially when I read an article online stating that the winter of 2016 / 2017 would be one of the longest and coldest within the past hundred years. I still remember how that article made me shiver and gave me cold chills down my spine.

Even before I got my Rheumatoid Arthritis diagnose, I found it hard to deal with the pain in my hands during winter, mainly because of the cold. My knees bothered me, but the level of the pain was still within bearable parameters.

The doctor told me to protect myself better from the cold and prescribed me some meds that did not give me any relief. How on Earth could I protect myself from the cold better? Move to Florida maybe! Otherwise, I am already using three pairs of warm gloves. I never leave the house before adding a layer of cream on my wrist and palms. Then I bundle up. I try my best not to spend too much time outside or carry any weight, fearing that the pain might get worse.

So far we have been blessed with a gentle and warm winter. But even this mild temperature affects my joints. I am so fed up feeling so crappy. If now at my age I have to suffer this way, how it will be when I’ll be on my sixties or older? Jeez! I don’t even want to think about it.

The other day I had Dental surgery Boisbriand. I had to remove one of my wisdom teeth because it was putting a lot of pressure on my jaw. After the surgery, the dentist was worried that I was not feeling well because of the surgery. I had to explain to him that the pain in my wrists was bothering me more.

While I was walking towards the metro station, I slipped on snow and fell down. Trying to prevent hitting my back and my head, I landed on my left hand. That was the last thing I needed. More pain!

Now I am typing with one hand only. I guess that for a few days I will have to learn how to do things using my right arm. Until this happened I never knew how hard it is to live as a disabled person. I am trying to see the positive side of all this misfortune. At least, I have two arms! Yes, I guess I am lucky I did not break a bone or something.