Having her first implant

Having her first implant - Cecil Bunnell

Two days ago my wife had her dental implants Boisbriand and I took the day off to be with her. I am the one who drove her there, stayed with her and brought her back home. I felt bad seeing her this way. I had two implants done myself and I know how unpleasant it is, not to say painful. I suffered a lot because of it. That’s why today I wanted to be there for her.

Right after the surgery she was able to talk. She came out smiling from the dentist’s office. I knew that she was still under the anesthetic effect. She was prescribed pain killers for the pain and I made sure she took them on time.

As soon as we got home, I helped her go upstairs and asked her to stay in bed and watch some TV. We followed thoroughly the list of instructions provided by the implantologist. During the first day she was fine with the pain, but on the second day it hit her harder. She had to take another pill to be able to cope with the pain. I hated seeing her going through this. No one wants to see their partner suffering.

Today she seemed a bit better in the morning. Before I left the house to go to work I ensured she was fine and she had everything she needed upstairs, close to her. I did not want her to go up and down the stairs while being in pain. I am always scared that she would fall again. Last time she ended up breaking her leg and she had to wear a plaster for almost three weeks.

That was not easy either for her, either for me. Since we have no kids or other relatives close by, it’s only the two of us. We have to care for each other and make sure our needs are met, because there is no one else out there for us.

Sometimes I regret that we did not have children. I wonder how our lives would have changed if we had them. Would we have been more happier? When I look at my friends, they kids are all grown now. Most of them live on their own or they are in their senior year at the university. I see my friends being happy and displaying a sort of pride that their kids are on their own and doing well.

I have no clue what type of parent I would have been or what type of relationship I would have had with my child in case I would have had one.