The golden age

Yesterday I spent half of the day looking for the key from the storage montreal. I was sure I had it with me prior to my trip to Iceland. I remembered placing it on a keyring, along with two other keys, one from the basement door, the second from my mom’s house. As far as I recalled, I had put all of them in a green velvety box, on one of the shelves of my desk. I could have sworn that’s where I have left it. Or at least, that’s where I saw them last. 

After going through the entire house searching for these keys, I was convinced that my wife might have taken them and misplace them. Otherwise, how could I explain the fact they were not where I have left them? 

Oh, did I forget to mention that I have short-term memory? My mind started to play tricks on me.

Sometimes I am convinced that I am right, even that in reality I am wrong. My mind creates scenarios, builds memories of things that did not occur. I find it very, very strange. 

When I discussed about it with my doctor, he explained it may be due to my medication, and old age, off course. In other words, he said I am getting senile. Welcome to the golden age!

Anyway, let’s get back to the missing keyring story. Once I saw there was no keyring to be found, I scolded my wife for going through my things. I told her that because of her I would have to pay couple of hundreds of dollars to have the door drilled.

Poor her, she did not even bother to respond. She simply looked at me silently and continued to sip on her cup filled with lychee black tea. I must have be going on for couple of minutes, complaining about her. She sat down quietly, looking at me without uttering a word. And me, like an idiot, I assumed she was experiencing some regrets. I really thought that she was the one responsible for the loss of the keys. I took her silence as a sign of guilt. 

In reality, she was not wearing her hearing aids. She knew I was mumbling about something about the keys, but she did not bother to wear them. I guess she needed some quiet time. When the man starts talking as much as a woman, the woman acts like the man. The roles were reversed. It was her turn to shut down her hearing and let me talk all by myself.

In the end, it turned out that she had nothing to do with the whole story, as I have found the missing keys in my car, which my wife never drove or used. I must have taken them with me and forgot all about them.