Confession - Cecil Bunnell

If there is something that I don't have the patience to deal with, is babysitting. I wasn’t too much of a help when my kids were young, and I certainly didn't improve throughout the years. I told my kids that I can be the grandpa that spoils the grandchildren by buying them a bunch of toys and pays for their vacations and education, not the one that wipes their asses, and listens to their tantrums.

My wife on the other hand, she loves babysitting our grandchildren. I told her that she could go stay over my son’s house whenever they need her, I have nothing against that. It’s her choice. It’s just that I don't want to have all that hassle under my roof. I like the comfort of own house, and I am not going give up my peace and quiet. Call me crazy, I don't mind. There are plenty of other ways that I can help my children. It just happens that this isn’t one of them.

My family got used to my ways and they are all fine with it. They are happy that they have my wife helping them out with the kids whenever they want to go to a party, or leave for a few days somewhere, just the two of them, without the twins.

I bet it isn’t easy for them to do everything double. Having twins is not the same as raising one kid. Everything comes in two. Or whatever parents would regularly do for one, multiply it by two. Financially also is an extra expense. Instead of buying three boxes of Pampers per month, when you have twins, you gotta buy six boxes. And that adds up. That’s where I come in.

Anyway, as I stated above, I don't mind paying for some of their expenses, or even giving them a lump sum once in a way. I already did that when they got their condo. I am the one who gave them down payment for it.

At that time, my son was in between joins and my daughter’s in law marketing internet job was not enough. Their mortgage would have been much higher than it currently is.

I am not saying all these things in order to be praised or get anyone’s sympathy. I do it because recently I have been publicly judged by someone who didn't know all the details of the story, and who believed that I am selfish grumpy old man.