Aging - Cecil Bunnell

I noted that when we get old we also get crankier and easily annoyed by any damn thing. I have been talking with some of my friends and they confessed they experienced the same things as me. It was a relief to see and hear I was not the only grumpy old man, as my wife always depicted me.

Usually when you are young and wild, people say that once you will get older, you will be wiser. I don’t know if that is my case. I doubt it. Yes, I am not as naive as twenty years ago. Or I can’t party until dawn three days on a roll, like I used to. 

On many occasions my body and my mind had different opinions on how, where or what to do. With age, I learnt to respect my body. I don’t go that far to say that my body's a temple. Oh no! 

Though, in my mind, being old did not necessarily mean stopping most of hobbies or dreams. Getting old, or retiring doesn’t mean staying home and doing nothing at all or being bored.

Honestly, I always wished to have more time to develop my passions and hobbies, to experiment more. 

A few years prior to retiring I feared that my wife and I would have some issues once I would no longer be working. This because I knew that she would have loved to travel around the world with me, while I would just love spending more time in my workshop, discovering new skills and experimenting with new techniques.

She retired one year before me and I saw that the transition was difficult for her. In her first month at home she experienced mixed feelings and emotions. She went from happiness and excitement to boredom and guilt. The latter feeling was mainly caused by the fact she considered herself unproductive and useless. 

Although I asked her to spend more time on her own, she always waited for me to do something. I encouraged her to go do a Migraine Treatment Rosemere or a facial with her friends. Or go for a movie. Anything! I urged her to go on an all inclusive vacation with our daughter as well. You won’t believe how challenging that was! All because she does not want to go anywhere on her own. She said that she had been waiting for me a lifetime and that now it was payback time.