About Stephan

About Stephan - Cecil Bunnell

Today, I was supposed to meet my friend, Stephan, around 11:30AM, at Warden Station.  After waiting for him for almost forty minutes, I decided to write something on my blog about him. Therefore, I sat down and started to write. Stephan was always late!

We met in trade school and we have been good pals ever since. He's “a cool dude, with an attitude”, as he likes to call himself.

I remember that the month we met, I invited him for lunch on a Saturday. He thanked me and said he would pass by around noon. I assumed noon meant somewhere between 12PM to 2PM. That day, I made some potatoes and chicken, a typical dish for a French Quebecois.

I waited for him till 2PM, and then thought of calling him. When I called, he didn't answer. I thought something went wrong and he was getting late. I waited for one more hour before eating, but still there was no sign of Stephan. I ended up eating alone, thinking of what might have happened to him.

Except for his cell phone and his Facebook account, I had no way of contacting him. I realized that I didn't know any of his friends. There was no way to reach him. So, all I could do was to wait for him to get back to me. The entire evening I kept on thinking of him, hoping he was fine.

The following morning, I woke up and my first thought ran to Stephan. I called him but no answer again. I got dressed and headed to my parent's house. Each Sunday, we would meet there and have lunch together. It’s a family tradition that my dad treasured.

When I was locking my door, suddenly I heard a voice right behind me. It startled me. I turned to see that it was Stephan. I was surprised to see him. I asked him what happened on Saturday.

He said he slept most of Saturday, thus he decided to come on Sunday.

I replied that I was expecting at least a phone call from him. He told me that he hadn't realized that he was supposed to pass by. I was speechless.

Anyway, this has happened more than once, and throughout time I learnt that Stephan would not change. I had to change!

Today, while I was waiting for Stephan, I noticed a girl was smiling at me. I smiled back, stopped writing and headed in her direction. We started to chat, and I found out her name was Claire. She was visiting her family in Scarborough. She was working for one of the biggest asphalt contractors Edmonton.

Since our conversation got interesting and she didn't seem to be in a hurry, I invited her to have a coffee at Tim’s, across the street.

When we entered the Tim Horton's, guess who was there, sipping on a coffee and having a donut? My dear friend Stephane! I went to his table and asked him what he was doing there. He answered: ‘’Having a coffee, bro!” I didn't bother to ask him if he knew or cared I waited for him for almost an hour. I sat at different table and enjoyed my conversation with Claire.